wuxi runcheng milling machine manufacturing co., ltd.,a professional milling machine manufacturer specializing in the research & development, production and sales of milling machine,is a leading company in edge milling machine manufacture field. the company produces no-beam xb series edge milling machines, which totally solves all the problems of the traditional beam milling machine exists. its strong magnetic chuck working platform replaces traditional oil cylinder hydraulic unit to supply excellent stability and convenient to operate which the edge milling machine with beam can’t achieve, and it has got state practical new-type patent.
    the company makes fully of the high level advanced laboratory equipment to ensure that its products technology be in the leading domestic level, thus to achieve significant competitive advantage. its products cover edge milling machine and planning machine of all serials and specifications. it also set up branches in the country, with its sales network covering the whole country at any time to provide users with high-quality products and services.
    runcheng mechanical adheres to its enterprise conception of “practical and efficient, diligence and sincere cooperation” to form its competitive advantages of "product performance / cost optimization, the average working hours of malfunction the longest". and it takes the “cultivate and enhance the implementation capacity of the team to improve the overall quality of the team" conception as the fundamental core competitiveness to ensure that the practicability and reliability of its edge milling machine is always at the forefront of industry with its efforts to create value for customers!