Functions & Characteristics:
1. Milling Angle is adjusted from 0-45°to 0-90°
2. Unit head add universal adjustment function, thus can make U groove without using special molding cutting machine. Central distance of milling pins is made closer to reduce vibration and improve accuracy.
3. Optimization of stroke device improves stability.
4. Application scope of milling pins is widened.
5. Unit head with semi-liquid lubrication, no oil leakage.
It is widely used in boilers, pressure vessels manufacturing industry, shipbuilding, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum engineering machinery, bridge construction, steel panel, steel structure and metallurgical machinery industry. It can make pre-groove, bevel edge, straight edge and U-edge of steel sheet before welding fully milled one time, and with low consumption, easy operation and maintenance & fix. Its milling angle is 0-90 °with processing thickness of 6-100mm, and also can be used to design and manufacture milling machine of special specifications.
Milling Pictures: